We help elected officials and public service employees meet their public service mandates.  We assist our clients with improving operational efficiencies and effectiveness.  Every organization needs to reimagine the process of delivering a high quality service based on advances in technology.  We can help you develop customer service strategies for improving the delivery of services.  We offer a broad range of services such as identifying critical infrastructure assets, strengthening internal controls, finance & budgeting, investment and reporting requirements (internal & external) and consensus building.  

We assist executive leadership with understanding the current economic environment, assessing enterprise opportunities & threats, making decisions, monitoring outcomes and providing feedback.  Our professional expertise is rooted in a long rich history of providing professional services in a public accounting environment to businesses regardless of size, industry and geography.  We can assist you with growth strategies, risk management, financial reporting, audit preparation, cash flow management, capital investment, internal controls, cost containment, budgeting, mergers & acquisitions, and much more.

We assist high net worth individuals (i.e. athletes, entertainers, and others) with making sound financial decisions. Most financial fraud takes place when the financial advisor takes custody of the client's assets.  We never take custody of your assets.

Our plain english approach simplifies complex financial concepts and arrangements which provides clarity before making a decision.  

In addition, we can assemble a team of professionals to help you with any project or purchase (i.e. homes, cars, private aviation).  We can assist you with making direct investments in business or real estate ventures.  

We can provide oversight of your current financial advisor(s). We can assist you with saying "No" to certain financial request. Let us help you protect and grow your assets.




A Private Investment and Management Consulting Firm